“An advocate in the discharge of his duty knows but one person in all the world, and that person is his client.” To save that client by all means and expedients, and at all hazards and costs to other persons……… and in performing this duty he must not regard the alarm, the torments, the destruction which he may bring upon others. Separating the duty of a patriot from that of an advocate, he must go on reckless of consequences, though it should be his unhappy fate to involve his country in confusion.” Lord Brougham


Mr. Paul Zukowski, World Oyama Heavyweight Champion, 1992 & 1993

‚ÄčI was facing a two hundred and two count indictment and it was very serious…I was prosecuted byEliot Spitzer, himself……..Jeff represented me in the most professional way……with all his might……because of him I’m standing here talking instead of being in prison somewhere.

Mr. Anthony Odita, Football Coach and Master Personal Trainer

I wasn’t going to be able to purchase my true dream home.  The real estate attorney that I was using said they couldn’t get my money back…. Jeff took care of it, within a week I got all my money back…he was just happy that he could help me…that’s the kind of guy he is.

Ms. Lydia Retigilano, R.F., Registered Nurse

I found out he was a police officer and a pretty brutal person…he was abusing his authority….he terrorized my family…I was facing a prison term after the five false arrests.  I was at the verge of losing my family, my nursing license, my career, and my home. Jeff is a brilliant attorney….he is very good at what he does…..he took tragedy and turned it into triumph..He was able to bring the truth into court and the case was won.

Mr. J.R. Scarlatos,  Fordham University Football Team’s All-Time Roster

Union  Member, Theatrical Teamsters

At the end of my trial all the jurors, not just a few, all the jurors asked for his card and said, if ever we needed a lawyer, Mr. Schwartz is by far the one we want to call… If he can do that to twelve strangers who are about to judge you, that’s the kind of person you want.

Ms. Pamela Carter

Mr. Schwartz is the best lawyer to have. He won’t judge you no matter what situation you are in.  He was there for me when I had an incident with a child.  He convinced me that everything was gonna be alright because I didn’t trust no one, cause everyone made me feel like I was nothing.

Dr. Barbara Lino, Ph.D.  Psychologist

Although there’s jokes and a lot of bad mouthing about lawyers, when a person needs sound legal advice a good lawyer is absolutely essential.  Jeff is smart.  Very smart.  He knows his way around a courtroom.  He’s tenacious and doesn’t let details slip by.  He’s caring, compassionate, and reassuring.

Mr. Robert Sasso Sr.,  President Local 282, 1981-1992

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

The judges respect him, prosecutors are very concerned when they come up against him, the jurors like him.  he has charisma in the courtroom……. not very often is there a Clarence Darrow, Jeff fits that bill…..

Mr. Craig Carey,   Business Executive

Former Teacher, New York City Board of Education

Jeff helped me prove my innocence about twenty years ago…..he’s a phenomenal attorney and all around good guy……even though the case was not going the way we wanted it to go…Jeff took an aggressive approach…. after three years time, completely innocent.

Mr. Stratis Scarlatos Sr.,   Business Agent Local 2, 1981-1990

United Association of Journeymen Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry

I was involved in a big case in the Union.  I had a lawyer, but unfortunately he passed away. I went to see Jeff three weeks before trial and brought three cartons of paperwork. I told him it’s a serious case and seven of the ten defendants had already taken a plea. He has a photogenic mind…..his appearance in court is outstanding….”within 20 minutes of the jury going out I was found innocent of all charges.”

Mrs. Rosemary Scarlatos,  deceased RIP

He’s a lawyer that you will never ever see another one like him in your life.